Fuel efficient line haul drive tyre


  • New Compound: Cutting edge silica tread compound with high degree of stiffness.  This lowers rebound within the tread which reduces energy loss.
  • New Construction Materials & Carcass Design: New super tensile strength steel cords and new low energy loss carcass design.
  • Provides a strong casing at a low weight, which lowers rolling resistance, as lighter, stronger tyres require less energy to push. The new sidewall and bead area design consume less energy through the tyres’ flex cycle.
  • Provides resistance to irregular wear. Also provides superb braking in the wet, good traction and even wear pattern.
  • New Tread Pattern: A highly bladed directional tread pattern featuring special directional groove tapers.



  • Provides low rolling resistance without compromising mileage. Also aids in providing improved wet and dry braking performance.



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