world class premium on highway drive

  • Long Tread Wear Deeper tread depth of 25.4mm enables the 703ZL to deliver extremely long original tread wear


  • Zenvironment Tread Compount Z.environment technology tread compound to produce stronger more pliable tread rubber. Drive tyres with deep tread designs typically create a lot of heat during normal usage, shortening the life of the tread and casing. Our compound significantly reduces heat build up, improves tread wear and provides the lower rolling resistance.

  • Improved Cut Protection thick undertread protects against cuts for excellent retreadability


  • Enhanced Traction and Comfort Funnel-shaped grooves are wider at the top for enhanced traction, yet narrow at the base to prevent stones from travelling to the bottom. In addition, the design provides superior comfort and increases block rigidity for further resistance against uneven wear




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